Different Grades of Alloy Steel Boiler Tubes Available in Market

A typical version of Steel Boiler tubes containing a range of other significant chemical components is alloy steel boiler tubes. Alloy Steel Boiler Tubes are made up of many components. Elements such as nickel, chromium, molybdenum, silicon, and boron are some of the common alloys used to manufacture the Alloy Steel Boiler Tubes. It exhibits remarkable mechanical properties. The Alloy Steel Boiler Tubes offer outstanding quality, including excellent resistance to corrosion, good strength, enhanced durability, and rapid weldability.

Due to its outstanding strength of resistance, different industries tend to use the form of Alloy steel in boiler production. Alloy steel is a standard version of steel containing several other chemical elements that are successful. Some of the common alloys used include elements such as nickel, chromium, molybdenum, silicon, and boron. The grade offers an outstanding property that includes outstanding corrosion resistance, good strength, enhanced hardness, and good weldability ease.

Because of its outstanding resistance ability, most industries choose to use Alloy steel grade in boiler manufacturing. Any of these Alloy Steel Boiler Tubes are used in unique and highly complicated systems, such as boilers, air pre-heater units, and heat exchangers that produce steam. Due to the ferromagnetic properties of iron, some steel alloy boiler tubes find significant applications where their reactions to magnetism, including in electric motors and transformers, are very critical.

What are the different grades of Alloy Steel Boiler Tubes?

 ASTM A335

The ASTM A335 pipe for high-temperature operation is a smooth ferritic alloy-steel pipe. The pipe ordered in compliance with this specification is suitable for bending, flanging (vanstoning), and related shaping and fusion welding operations.


These Seamless steel tubes are used for pressure purposes. Steel tubes, non-alloy, and alloy, with defined elevated temperature properties.

 DIN 17175

DIN 17175 seamless boiler tubes are widely used in applications such as in petroleum, boiler industry, heat conservation, chemical fibre, chemical industry, medicine, machinery, paper, mechanical equipment, refrigeration, food, energy, water, aerospace, transportation, aviation, maritime, shipbuilding, environmental protection, and boiler heat exchanger tubes.

 JIS G3462

They are is usually used in heat exchangers, boilers, petroleum, chemical engineering, and other power regions end up being commonly used for higher temperature resistance or corrosion capability.

Where is the Alloy steel boiler tube used?

The Alloy Steel boiler tubes are used in a variety of applications, such as air preheater unit, power generation, heat exchangers, fossil fuel plants, waste heat plants, economizer, steam generating boiler, water supply systems, waste heat plants, cogeneration facilities, electric power plants, and so on.


Different Grades of Alloy Steel Boiler Tubes Available in Market

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