All you need to know about Corten Steel Pipes

Corten Steel is a category of steel alloys that are commonly used in outdoor construction work (or weathered steel as it’s sometimes known). They were planned to reduce the need for painting, and in a few months they will grow a rusted appearance if left outdoors, exposed to the sun.

Although you may assume that rust is not anything to be expected, in the case of Corten, this oxidised dark brown coating actually prevents the metal from causing harm and avoids any deeper rust penetration.

What is the History behind Corten Steel?

Back in the 1930s, U.S Steel produced a commodity called Corten Steel. It was initially built to construct coal waggons on the railroad; it soon became a prevalent material for outdoor art projects in the 1950s and 1960s.

Currently, in American sculptures and buildings, some of the earliest examples of the beauty of Corten Steel can still be found.

What is the Corten Steel Pipes made of?

Corten Steel is created by combining a specific combination of steels and alloys, which produces basic rusting properties and gives Corten Steel a recognisable look.

It is usually made in a sheet shape that is just one and a half inches thick. In spite of its thin existence, Corten Steel, however is a powerful and durable material.

Applications of Corten Steel Pipes

The material selected for a variety of outdoor projects is Corten Steel. One of the most common uses would be outdoor sculptures; this is because Corten Steel can expand its rust layer rapidly to protect the sculpture and give it a weathered effect. This is not only achieved with Corten Steel Plates, but also with some bridges and other structures.

For smaller schemes, Corten Steel Plates are used to cover domestic gardens. It is also a preferred option if a concrete wall does not suit and will clutter the remainder of your garden area.

There are a variety of products featuring Corten Steel, including cycle hoops, tree grilles, and bush and shrub planters. We assume, after all that public space can still be a lovely space.

It is also commonly used in marine shipping, intermodal container construction as well as visible sheet piling.

So you know more about Corten Steel now; you might want to check out some of our fantastic outdoor furniture parts, just so that you can see what this material can produce.

All you need to know about Corten Steel Pipes

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