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SA214 Carbon Steel Condenser Tubing, SA214 Electric-Resistance-Welded Carbon Steel Heat Exchanger Tubes, ASME SA214 Carbon Steel Heat Exchanger Tubing, SA214 Heat Exchanger Tubes, SA214 Condenser Tube Manufacturer in India.

Solitaire Overseas this was established in 2016 and it was complete a name for itself in the inventory of top suppliers Alloy Steel P22 pipes and it was the artificial good quality of products. We recently emerge as a firm and have a great deal of potential with a good quality workforce. It takes pride in our aptitude to supply a field of SA214 Heat Exchanger / Condenser Tubes. Its service and customer hold is our way of developing a strong alliance with our company.
A heat exchanger is a piece of equipment used to transfer heat among two or more fluids. In other words, heat exchangers are used in equally cooling and heating processes. The fluids can be separated by a solid wall to stop mixing or they may be in direct get in touch with. They are widely used in refrigeration, air conditioning, chemical plants, etc. It is the most important common type of heat exchanger in oil refineries and added great chemical processes and it’s fitting for higher-pressure applications.

SA 214 Heat Exchanger / Condenser Tubes

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ASTM A214 Heat Exchanger Tubing

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Carbon Steel SA214 Heat Exchanger Tubes

A condenser is a device which used to squeeze a material from gaseous to its liquid state, by cool it. It was completed according to numerous designs, and come in a lot of sizes ranging from rather small to incredibly large for example a refrigerator uses a condenser to get clear of heat extract from the interior of the part to the exterior air. These condensers are heat exchangers which change the vapor from its gaseous to its liquid situation at a pressure below the atmospheric pressure.
Testings: Mechanical Testing Such as tensile of area, Resistance Test, Chemical Analysis, Positive Material classification, Flattering Test, Micro, and Macro Test, Pitting conflict Test, Flaring Test, Intergranular decay Test.
SA214 Tubes Heat Exchanger / Condenser can be furnished bare or covered and with capped ends. Heat Exchanger / Condenser up to 3 OD will be complete in bundles. In order to prevent rust through sea shipment bundles of carbon steel grade, b pipe can be wrapped with polypropylene sheets, and protected with flat steel bands. Over 3 OD force be supplied loose.

ASME SA214 Carbon Steel Electric-Resistance-Welded Condenser Tubes, A214 Welded Heat Exchanger Tubes, Carbon Steel ASME SA214 Condenser Tube Stockist, SA 214 Carbon Steel Tube Heat Exchanger Tubes Supplier in Mumbai, India.



ASTM A214 / ASME SA214



Size (mm)

O. D.: 6.0~114.0 W. T.: 1~15 L: Max 12000 )

Outer Diameter


Wall Thickness



Max 12000mm

Surface Treatment

Oiling, Passivation, Phosphating, Black painting, Varnish


Plain end or beveled end, square cut, burr free ,Plastic Cap at Both end


Hot-Finished, Cold-Finished, Cold drawn, Cold rolled, Hot Rolled

A/SA 214 Heat Exchanger / Condenser Tubes Chemical Composition

Element A/SA 214
C 0.18 max.
Mn 0.27 - 0.63
P 0.035 max
S 0.035 max

A/SA 214 Carbon Steel Heat Exchanger & Condenser Tubing Mechanical Properties

Element A/SA 214
Tensile Strength KSI (MPa) 47[325]
Yield Strength KSI (MPa) 26[180]
Elongation min. % ≥35%
Hardness ≤72 HRB

Carbon Steel A214 / SA214 Heat Exchanger and Condenser Tube Application

SA214 Heat Exchanger /Condenser Tubes in various Application Industries
  Air Preheater Unit
  Steam generating Boiler
  Power Generation
  Heat Exchangers
  Electric Power Plants
  Fossil Fuel Plants
  Water Supply Systems
  Waste Heat Plants
  Cogeneration Facilities


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