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Zirconium is one of more than a few metals which fall into the sort of reactive metals or corrosion opposed to alloys. One of the main applications for Zirconium is as a corrosion-resistant textile of construction for the chemical giving out the industry. Zirconium exhibits excellent confrontation to corrosive attack in mainly organic and inorganic acids, saline solutions, strong alkalis, and some molten salts. In certain applications, the exclusive corrosion resistance of Zirconium can expand its useful life beyond that of the remains of the plant.

Zirconium Condenser Tubes

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Zirconium Heat Exchanger Tubes

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Zirconium R60705 Heat Exchanger/Condenser Tubes

Zirconium is considered the mainly corrosion resistant material in almost all acetic acid solutions. Application of Zirconium has been used very successfully while working with sulfuric acid. The benefit of Zirconium is that corrosion rate will be extremely small if properly applied and apparatus life of over 20 years is likely. A heat exchanger is a piece of equipment used to transfer heat between 2 or more fluids.
There are 3 primary classifications of heat exchangers according to their stream arrangement. In parallel-flow heat exchangers, the two fluids go into the exchangers at a similar end and travel in parallel to one a different to the other side. In counter-flow heat exchangers, the fluids enter the exchangers from conflicting ends.
Mechanical Testing Such as tensile of area, Resistance Test, Chemical Analysis, Positive Material classification, Flattering Test, Micro, and Macro Test, Pitting conflict Test, Flaring Test, Intergranular decay Test.
Carbon Steel A106 Gr.B Pipe can be furnished bare or covered and with capped ends. Pipes up to 3 OD are completed in bundles. To prevent rust through sea shipment bundles of carbon steel grade, they are wrapped with protected with flat steel bands polypropylene sheets to ensure quality of the pipes or products after delivery.

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ASTM B523 / ASME SB523




6.35 Mm OD to 273 Mm OD

Outer Diameter

9.52 mm O.D to 50.80 mm O.D

Thickness :

0.70 mm to 12.70 mm, SCH10S, SCH40S, SCH80S, SCH160S

Length :

up to 12 Meters Leg Length & Customed Length


Single Random, Double Random & Required Length

Trade Name

Precision Tube, Welded Zirconium U Bending tube, Heat exchanger, boiler, heater Tubing

Zirconium Heat Exchanger/Condenser Tubes Equivalent Grades

R60705 - R60705

Zirconium Condenser U Shaped Heat Exchanger Tubes Chemical Composition

Element R60705
C 0.05
Cr 0.20
N 0.025
Zr 95.5
Fe 0.20

Zirconium Condenser Tube Mechanical & Physical Properties

Element R60705
Density,g/cm3 (lbs/in3) 6.64 (0.240)
Proof strength Rp0.2 MPa min MPa -380
Tensile strength Rm MPa min MPa – 205
Elongation 16 %

Zirconium Heat Exchanger Tubes Application

Zirconium R60705 Heat Exchanger Tubes in various Application Industries
  Food Processing Industry
  Fabrication Industry
  Oil and Gas Industry
  Chemical Industry
  General Purpose Applications
  Water Supply Systems
  Power Plant
  Paper & Pulp Industry


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