Tantalum UNS R05255 Heat Exchanger/Condenser Tubes Supplier, Manufacturer

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Solitaire Overseas is the biggest and the largest producer for heating equipment. We add new products in various standards, specifications, designations and custom dimensions including UNS RO5255 Heat Exchanger / Condenser. Our website is designed for easy shopping, so customers can easily place bulk or small orders as per their application requirements. We are committed to carrying the largest section of products to domestic and global customers.
Product features-
UNS RO5255 Heat Exchanger / Condenser has been known to be the most corrosive resistant use for hot acidic environments like acetic acids, nitric acids, sulfuric acids, and formic acids. It has multiple corrosion resistant properties provide multiple benefits. It is excellent material for the fabrication of heating equipment. This product meets national and international standards. These are developed with pressure design codes. These possess great thermal stability and a high coefficient of thermal expansion. It has a high melting point. It allows application pitting, crevice and stress corrosion environments.

Tantalum R05255 Condenser Tubes

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Tantalum R05255 Heat Exchanger Tubes

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Tantalum R05255 Heat Exchanger/Condenser Tubes

Quality assurance-
Quality assurance and testing are the most important part of heat exchanger and Condenser manufacturing. At our company, we incorporate the tests methods to analyze the manufactured products and give a qualitative analysis of the both with supportive evidence in form of intricate tests results. The tests followed by us are- Thermal performance test, natural circulation stability tests, intergranular corrosion test, ultrasonic test, Mechanical test, and hardness test. Other tests are a positive material test, chemical test, destructive/nondestructive test, radiographic test, pitting corrosion test and visual inspection.
Documentation reports-
The tests reports offered by us are NABL test report, MTC report as per EN 10204 3.1 or 3.2, raw material test report, mill test report, quality assurance plan, heat treatment charts, and fumigation certificates.
Before packaging fabricated UNS RO5255 Heat Exchanger / Condenser are inspected by third parties. These are enrolled in a single packing system with appropriate mountings that reduce cost and installation time. These are packed in big wooden cages, cases, cartons, and pallets to ensure damage free delivery.
Solitaire Overseas is providing the customized option for UNS RO5255 Heat Exchanger / Condenser, one can buy from us.

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ASTM B521 / ASME SB521




6.35 Mm OD to 273 Mm OD

Outer Diameter

9.52 mm O.D to 50.80 mm O.D

Thickness :

0.70 mm to 12.70 mm, SCH10S, SCH40S, SCH80S, SCH160S

Length :

up to 12 Meters Leg Length & Customed Length


Single Random, Double Random & Required Length

Trade Name

Precision Tube, Welded Tantalum U Bending tube, Heat exchanger, boiler, heater Tubing

Tantalum R05255 Heat Exchanger/Condenser Tubes Equivalent Grades

R05255 - R05255

Tantalum R05255 Condenser U Shaped Heat Exchanger Tubes Chemical Composition

Element R05255
C 0.01
O 0.015
N 0.01
H 0.0015
Fe 0.01
Mo 0.02
Nb 0.1
Ni 0.01
Si 0.005
Ti 0.01
W 9.0–11.0

Tantalum R05255 Condenser Tube Mechanical & Physical Properties

Element R05255
Density 16.65 g/cm3
Melting Point 3017°C (5463°F)
Tensile Strength Psi -70000, MPa -481
Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Psi – 60000, MPa – 414
Elongation 15 %

Tantalum R05255 Heat Exchanger Tubes Application

Tantalum R05255 Heat Exchanger Tubes in various Application Industries
  Food Processing Industry
  Fabrication Industry
  Oil and Gas Industry
  Chemical Industry
  General Purpose Applications
  Water Supply Systems
  Power Plant
  Paper & Pulp Industry


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