Incoloy 800/800H/800HT Heat Exchanger/Condenser Tubes Supplier, Manufacturer

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Incoloy is a super alloy that has nickel in high content that provides exceptional general corrosion resistance and augmented strength at high elevated temperature. It is the best material that is used in manufacturing good quality of heat exchangers. Solitaire Overseas is one of the leading exporter, manufacturer and supplier of high quality of Incoloy 800 / 800H / 800HT Heat Exchanger / Condenser Tubes to their buyers domestically and globally. The raw materials used by them are procured from the reliable market vendors that offer quality assurance and other services. The industry is the preferred choice for buying heat exchangers among the buyers due to their offered valuable services.
The services such as good durability, high-end finishing, accurate dimensions and great reliability of the product are some of the services. Besides, the industry professional checks the quality of the Incoloy grade heat condensers at every stage of its manufacturing. Offered condensers are constantly upgraded on the quality according to the market trends and customers demands.

Incoloy 800/800H/800HT Heat Exchanger Tubes

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Alloy 800/800H/800HT Condenser Tubes

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Incoloy 800/800H/800HT Condenser Tubes

Grade details:
The Incoloy 800, 800H, 800T is widely popular among the market for fabricating good quality of heat condensers. The properties exhibited by them are excellent corrosion resistance, pitting resistance to chloride environment, crevice corrosion resistance, stress crack corrosion resistance and excellent durability. The grade is good to be used in high elevated temperature due to its high tolerance power.
Material tests:
There are several quality tests performed on Incoloy 800 / 800H / 800HT Condenser Tubes to ensure the strict quality and efficiency before finally delivering it to the customers. Mechanical test, hardness test, positive material identification, intergranular corrosion test, pitting resistance test, flaring test, flattening test, micro and macro test and general corrosion tests are some of the tests performed.
Offered documentations:
There are several documents offered along with the heat condenser that helps the buyer in counterpart the product with the offered documents. Authentications such as heat treatment chart, QAP, welding procedure specification, material traceability record, material tests certificates, self-inspection reports, guarantee letter and commercial invoice are some of the documents offered with Alloy 800 / 800H / 800HT Heat Exchanger Tubes.

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ASTM B515 / ASME SB515



Heat Exchanger Tubes Range

10 mm OD to 50.8 mm OD

Condenser Tubes Range

6 mm OD to 219.1 mm OD

Condenser Tubes Thickness

0.7 mm Thick To12.7 mm Thick

Outer Diameter

6.00 mm to 101.60 mm

Heat Exchanger Tubes Wall Thickness

0.70 mm to 8.00 mm


JIS 3463 and JIS 3459, DIN 2462, DIN 17458 and DIN 17456, GOST 9941


up to 20 m (65.62 ft) Length & Customed Required Length

Trade Name

Precision Tube, Welded Incoloy U Bending tube, Heat exchanger, boiler, heater Tubing


Seamless (Cold Drawn/Cold Rolling)

Incoloy 800/800H/800HT U Bend Tubes Equivalent Grades

Incoloy 800 1.4876 N08800 NCF 800 NA 15 ЭИ670 Z8NC32-21 X10NiCrAlTi32-20
Incoloy 800H 1.4958 / 1.4876 N08810 NCF 800H NA 15(H) ЭИ670 Z8NC33-21 X5NiCrAlTi31-20
Incoloy 800HT 1.4859 / 1.4876 N08811 NCF 800HT NA 15(HT) ЭИ670 X8NiCrAlTi32-21

Incoloy Alloy 800/800H/800HT Condenser U Shaped Heat Exchanger Tubes Chemical Composition

Element Alloy 800 Alloy 800H Alloy 800HT
C 0.10 max 0.05 – 0.10 0.06 – 0.10
Mn 1.50 max 1.50 max 1.50 max
Si 1.00 max 1.00 max 1.00 max
S 0.015 max 0.015 max 0.015 max
Cu 0.75 max 0.75 max 0.75 max
Fe 39.50 min 39.50 min 39.50 min
Ni 30.00 – 35.00 30.00 – 35.00 30.00 – 35.00
Cr 19.00 – 23.00 19.00 – 23.00 19.00 – 23.00

Incoloy 800/800H/800HT Condenser Tube Mechanical & Physical Properties

Element Incoloy Alloy 800/800H/800HT
Density 7.94 g/cm3
Melting Point 1385 °C (2525 °F)
Tensile Strength Psi – 75,000 , MPa – 520
Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Psi – 30,000 , MPa – 205
Elongation 30 %

Incoloy 800/800H/800HT Heat Exchanger Tubes Application

Incoloy Alloy 800 Heat Exchanger Tubes in various Application Industries
  Food Processing Industry
  Fabrication Industry
  Oil and Gas Industry
  Chemical Industry
  General Purpose Applications
  Water Supply Systems
  Power Plant
  Paper & Pulp Industry


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