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Solitaire Overseas is a leading manufacturer, supplier, stockist, and supplier of Hot Finished Seamless (HFS) Tubes manufactured using superior quality raw materials and the latest technology equipment. Hot Finished Seamless (HFS) tube (also known as Hot Rolled Seamless or HRS) is a lower-cost material than a CDS tube. It is suitable for applications that do not require the strict dimensional tolerances and high-quality surface finish that CDS tube delivers. Machining is used to complete a product to exact specifications when tight tolerances are required. Hot-finished seamless tubing is simple to process to fit any specifications. Alloy Steel HFS Tubes are utilized for products that require a more substantial wall and higher strength.
Carbon Steel HRS Tube is an excellent substitute for a bar with a hole. Reduced machining time lowers the total cost of the product. HRS is a perfect choice for most processing procedures and provides several alternatives owing to the variety of sizes produced. HRS is simple to manufacture and requires little stock for clean-up. It has good machining properties and is made of mild carbon or alloy steel. Carbon Steel HRS can be manufactured to an extensive range of OD and wall thickness dimensions due to being rolled bar and pierced.
Alloy Steel Hot-rolled mechanical tubing is made by heating a solid billet or bar and then rotating and piercing it on rollers. The next step is to run the material through repeated passes of size-reducing mills. Tolerances and finish are comparable to those of other hot-worked steel products. Because of the nature of the procedure, the choice of sizes and grades is more limited than with cold finishing. This tube is used when dimensional precision and surface polish are irrelevant or secondary or when machining and heat treatment is required to achieve desirable tolerances, finish, and final mechanical qualities. HRS tubing is made to order in terms of outer diameter (OD) and wall thickness (W).
Carbon Steel Hot Finished Seamless Tubes are used in numerous applications like Construction & Heavy Equipment, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Fluid Handling, Machinery, Oil & Gas, Energy Generation, General Fabrication and Machining, Automotive & Transportation, etc.

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Hot Finished Seamless Tube Specification


ASTM A519 / ASME SA 519


EN 10297-1

Size Range

3.00" OD - 26.000" OD; 0.500" wall - 4.000" wall


SCH5, SCH10, SCH40, STD, SCH80, SCH160


17.000’ - 24.000’ Single Random, Double Random & Cut Length.

Made from

1020/1026 Steel

ASTM A519 Hot Finish Seamless Tubing Composition and Strength

Grade Chemistry          %    Yield Tensile Elongation Typical Hardness
                   PSI PSI % in 2" section Min
1020 Carbon 0.18-0.23 32,000 50,000 25 B-55
  MN 0.30-0.60        
  P 0.040 Max        
  S 0.050 Max        
1026 Carbon 0.220-0.280 35,000 55,000 25 B-60
  MN 0.600-0.900        
  P 0.040 Max        
  S 0.050 Max        

Hot-Finished Tubing Outside Diameter Tolerances

Outside Diameter
(OD) Size Range Plus & Minus
Up to 2.999" 0.020"
3.000" - 4.499" 0.025"
4.500" - 5.999" 0.031"
6.000" - 7.499" 0.037"
7.500" - 8.999" 0.045"
9.000" - 10.750" 0.050"

Hot finish Mechanical Tubing Wall Thickness Tolerances

Wall Thickness Range as a Percent of Outside Diameter % Over and Under Nominal Wall
OD up to 2.999" OD 3.00"- 5.999" OD 6.00"- 10.750"
Walls Under 15% of nominal O.D. 12.50% 10.00% 10.00%
Walls Over 15% of nominal O.D. 10.00% 7.50% 10.00%

HFS Tube

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HFS Tubing

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HFS Mechanical Tubes

Hot Finished Seamless Tubes Application

HFS Tubes in various Application Industries
  Air Preheater Unit
  Steam generating Boiler
  Power Generation
  Heat Exchangers
  Electric Power Plants
  Fossil Fuel Plants
  Water Supply Systems
  Waste Heat Plants
  Cogeneration Facilities


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